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Our Commitment

Here at Kaizen Therapeutic Massage we demand more out of massage therapy. We are ever striving and learning in order to not only benefit our clientele but educate them on what massage therapy is truly capable of doing. Come see the difference of what Kaizen Therapeutic Massage can do for you. 
What is your bodies key?

North American societal views of the body/mind connection are extremely disconnected. We have the mentality of "the pain will go away" or "walk it off". When we do not listen to the little hints the body is giving us, those hints will compound. Until one day those components build up and we are in pain; back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, jaw pain, continuous headaches etc. and don't know why. There is no mechanism of injury and yet.....we hurt. 
Best Practices

Kaizen Therapeutic Massage listens to each individual muscle striation. Learning how your individual body reacts, what techniques to utilize to have you at your optimum peak.  Why are you experiencing the pain, what things do we need to do to fix it, and how do we prevent it from happening again. Every body is different as to the how and why it reacts the way it does. It is our job to help answer those questions, guide you in what you can do everyday to help and prevent the many aches and pains that decrease your quality of life.

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